Majorcan pork chorizo (300 grams)

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Cured sausage, made from a mixture of Porc Negre pork minced meat, Porc Negre pork fat or bacon, added salt, spices and additives, kneaded and stuffed into natural casings, which have undergone a maturation - drying process that ensures good stability, as well as a characteristic smell and taste.

COMPOSITION Pork meat and pork fat Porc Negre, salt, paprika, garlic, dextrose, lactose, spices, dextrin, soy protein, milk protein, emulsifiers (E-450i and E450iii), flavouring, flavour enhancer (E-621), antioxidants (E-300 and E-301), preservatives (E-252, E250) and colouring (E-120).
MICROBIOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS Salmonella: Absence cfu/25g Listaria: < 100 cfu/g
physical/chemical characteristics Nitrites added: < 150 ppm Nitrates added: < 150 ppm
Organoleptic Characteristics Colour: Red-orange and white-veined. Flavour: Sausage with a delicate flavour. Aroma: Pleasant and characteristic of cured sausage. Texture: homogeneous, compact. External: firm, with traces of mould, consistent. Casing attached along its entire length. In the cut: Consistent, veined, linked, characteristic.
NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Energy value: 1991KJ/100g; 480Kcal/100g Crude protein: 30,42g / 100g Crude fat: 30,4g / 100g Saturated fat: 15,52g /100g Total carbohydrates: 2,1g /100g Sugars: 1,6g /100g. Salt: 4,90g /100g
FOOD ALGENS Milk and Lactose Protein and Soya Protein.
TREATMENTS APPLIED Receipt of lean meat -> Mincing -> Addition -> Mixing -> Maceration -> Stuffing -> Labelling -> Drying (natural / artificial) -> Packaging (if applicable)
Distribution and transportation conditions Identified with the original label and in vehicles specifically used for foodstuffs. The vehicles used for their transport need not be temperature-controlled (no refrigerators or isothermal vehicles).
PACKAGING AND PACKAGING DESCRIPTION The presentation can be vacuum-packed (in containers suitable for the food industry) or packed in individual whole pieces.
Labelling Labelling according to Regulation (EU) Nº 1169/2011
Setting the product life span The shelf life is 18 months from manufacture.
CONSUMER INSTRUCTIONS (CONSERVATION AND PREPARATION) Allow to air for 5 minutes before consumption
APPLICABLE LEGISLATION Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on the provision of food information to consumers. COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 1441/2007 of 5 December 2007 amending Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005 on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs. Commission Regulation (EU) No 1129/2011 of 11 November 2011 amending Annex II to Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council to establish a Union list of food additives. Royal Decree 4/2014 of 10 January, approving the quality standard for cured meat, ham, shoulder and cured loin.)


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