Preparing a perfect Iberian ham board

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When we invite our friends over or organise a dinner party, we want to surprise them and we prepare a snack that is usually based on Iberian cured meats and ham.

As we have already talked about how to present ham, today we tell you how to prepare a perfect Iberian ham platter, both in presentation and variety.

In a table of Iberian cured meats you can group together different types of cold meats: from the best Iberian ham (we are committed to our Cuixot), passing through chorizos, lomos, salsichones, to great products such as butifarra sausage, Iberian black sausage or even chicharrones (pork rinds).


How to assemble a perfect Iberian ham board?

Once the ingredients have been chosen, the first thing we need to start with is a wooden or slate board.

Wooden boards are usually larger and have more space if it is a board to be shared by several people.

We can opt for a simple board, where we only put one Iberian cured ham, or a combined one, with several types of cold meats. We prefer the latter option.

In addition, we can also complete the presentation of the cold meats with foie, cheese or fruit and accompany them with toasts or picos. The latter are usually very popular, although Iberian cured meats do not need any accompaniment because they are delicious on their own.

Here are some ideas:


IBERIAN CURED MEATS WITH FOIE GRAS. Foie is a food that combines perfectly with Iberian products. Their combination offers exquisite starters, which can only be improved with a good glass of red wine.


IBERIAN HAM AND CHEESE BOARDS. Normally, the choice of cheeses to accompany Iberian cured meats is a personal matter, although one of the best choices are cured cheeses. A rich Parmesan always goes well with ham.


IBERIAN HAM BOARDS WITH FRUIT. Just as ham and melon combine phenomenally well, accompanying our iberian cured meats with figs or grapes can be a great success.


IBERIAN CURED PORK PLATTERS ONLY. For the simple Iberian boards or those in which we combine several cured meats (as many as we want), it is advisable to add some toasts, picos or regañás. Thanks to these crunchy morsels, we fix and prolong the flavour of the Iberian meats on the palate, creating a great sensation.


Find your ally in Cuixot

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We hope you liked our suggestions!