Cuixot the 100% Mallorcan Iberian Ham

Cuixot the 100% Mallorcan Iberian Ham

Cuixot is born with the intent to offer the first and unique Jamón 100% of Black Mallorquín pork with the same or higher quality of a jamón ibérico de bellota but reared and fed in our finca in the island of Mallorca.

We specialise in pork products. Do you want to know why?


High quality processed pig products

The livelihood of mayorquin's pig farmers is totally dependent on producing a high quality product. A high quality pork product requires a healthy pig and excellence in animal care. Mayorquin farmers understand better than anyone the crucial importance of a high standard of care for each and every animal on their farm.

Our Dry-cured ham is especially appreciated for its sensory characteristics; it has a well-balanced nutritional profile and is suitable, in appropriate amounts, for consumption as part of a balanced diet. 


Buy Mallorcan Iberian Ham

If you want to buy our Spanish ham and you live in Europe, you can buy it in our online shop and we will send it to you wherever you want. Our service covers almost all of Europe and it will arrive in optimal conditions and in a short time. All our hams and sausages are produced and cured exclusively in Mallorca, Spain. You can buy from our famous Cuixot, the all-rounder of Mallorcan ham, to the 'lomo', to any 'chorizo' or 'salchichón' from the Mallorcan Iberian pig.


Quality at the source

Eating good quality products helps us to develop our potential and keep healthy. Our products are made with Mallorcan black pork, which always provide excellent quality and an exquisite taste.

The secret of the iberian pig

Spanish ham culture has a vocabulary all its own. There are "porqueros", not shepherds; pigs are "sacrificed," not slaughtered; and the farms where they're raised are called dehesas. These pigs need to run around all day, over the hills and through the woods, for their muscles to develop and for the ham to taste the way it does.


The EU introduced its Trade Control and Expert System, or TRACES, in April 2004. Our system provides a central database to track movement of animals within the EU and from third countries.

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Don't miss the opportunity to get to know all of our Iberian pork products, produced and cured according to our tradition in our factory in Mayorca.

Cuixot: the finest Ham in Majorca

Ham, Pork chops, Sausages, Pastry, Lard. So many great products from one animal!

What our customers say

I didn't think that in Mallorca they made such a good loin of pork with so little fat and so much flavour. I think it is the best caña de Lomo I have ever eaten in my life.

Jorge Navedo

Who says that the best ham is Iberian? You have to eat Es Cuixot, a very high quality Jamón de porc Negre. Congratulations on the quality of your products.

Luis LLadò